Professional Learning Network & Banned Books Week

Since I have started my Professional Learning Network (PLN), my ideas on how technology can be integrated into the classroom have increased in leaps and bounds.  I used to think linearly by focusing on only one forum; now, I think more comprehensively.  I can start on one forum, like Twitter, read some interesting tweets and follow the links to blogs, where I can add my favorites to my RSS feed.  Then, different articles continue to be sent to my Twitter and my RSS feed.  And—the most important part—it’s FUN!  I find myself reading more and more scholarly articles because I happen to be on Twitter and then hop over to friends I am following to read their tweets.  This is what we need to focus on when we are teaching students: we must integrate technology into the classroom in such a way that our content-enriched activities are also FUN!

This week, we also had to create a LinkedIn account.  I have had a LinkedIn account for years; LinkedIn is one of the most valuable resources for finding a job after graduation.  I joined the Eagle Connections group where UMW alums post various jobs trying to recruit fellow alums.  After awhile, I left my profile stagnant.  Through UMW Career Service’s Facebook group, I read a post that inspired me to keep my profile up to date.  I read Pete Leibman’s article on “9 Ways Your LinkedIn Profile Can Kill Your Career.” This article stressed that by not building your account by adding your friends/co-workers, and by not participating in any groups, that you can actually make employers less interested in your application.

Today I also caught up with Twitter posts that I had missed in the past couple of days.  I found one by Edutopia that looked especially interesting: today starts Banned Book Week! What better way for an English teacher to incorporate technology and content than including this discussion?  TeachHub had some innovative ideas, including:

  • Create a READ ALOUD video/podcasts of banned books
  • Celebrate characters from banned books
  • Banned books poll
    • TeachHub recommended that it can be the hook activity by verbally polling your students.  You can easily incorporate technology by having students either use their cell phones or a computer to answer a poll through Poll Everywhere.


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One response to “Professional Learning Network & Banned Books Week

  1. Thank you for your positivity on using technology and your willingness to embrace it so quickly! I am going to take a queue from you and start to be more positive about using all of these wonderful technologies. I especially enjoyed your article on LinkedIn and I’ve already joined Eagle Connections.